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Memphis Wrestling, Episode 89
Official Replay

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The next 2 weeks will be the biggest days in Memphis Wrestling history, thus far. It's time to showcase our Memphis Wrestling Starrs of Tomorrow!

After the blood, sweat, tears, dedication and sacrifice - they're ready to perform for You for the First Time Ever.

Don't miss the fastest hour in pro wrestling!

Here's the card for today's program...

Women's Division Match
Nyxx vs Mackenzie Morgan
While training to be a pro wrestler, Mackenzie Morgan became a household name with backstage reporting. Now, she squares off against her friend and ally - The Goddess of the Night!

A Word From The King
Derrick the King - or Coach DK, as he's called at the Wrestle Center, will address the trainees and Memphis Wrestling fans.

Alan Steel Returns
You read that correctly - only this time, he's Head Coach Alan Steel. Our first ever Memphis Heritage Champion returns to Memphis Wrestling!

Ethan Ross vs Ray Collins
The Hot Shots are here to ruin our Starrs of Tomorrow program. Fortunately, Ray Collins has been here a few times before. Will he be able to fend off 4 on 1?

We Will Meet Starrs of Tomorrow
You'll be introduced to more and more of our Starrs of Tomorrow! Plus, we'll get you ready for next week's blockbuster spectacular - Week 2!

Main Event - Memphis Wrestling Internet Title Match
Zay Washington (c) vs Tim Bosby
One of the most spectacular athletes in all of Memphis Wrestling is putting his title on the line against a young man who was #1 in the state of Tennessee in amateur wrestling, Tim Bosby. Will The Bos make history?

You never know what will happen on the fastest hour in pro wrestling!

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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