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Mikenta Fight Night 5
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On November 19th Mikenta Fight Night 5 is live on FITE straight from MusikTeatret Albertslund in Denmark! The fight card has well over 14 matches and you can check all of them below:

Special rules: 1st Round Boxing - 2nd Round Thaiboxing (Boxing gloves) - 3rd Round MMA (MMA Gloves)

Mix fight: -75 kg b class 3x2 min Sebastian Simic vs Samuel Tomas Gonzalez
Thai : -62 kg A class 3x3min Johannes Bakke vs David Sinclair

Danish Championship 4 Man Tournement -91 kg
Marcus Ulsing - David Hatting - Marc Christoffersen - Martin Bjorn

Danish Championship Title Fight
Thai: -60 kg B-Class 3x3 min: Mehmet Akin vs Mohammed Kartabil Odense

Thai: -57 kg B class 5x2 min Yara Saleh vs TBA
Thai: -71 kg B class 5x2 min Bedirhan Ceran vs Frederik Fenger
Thai: -67 kg B class 5x2 min Martin Kamp vs Rahil Abdour

Thai: -75 kg C class 3x2 min TBA vs Nils Bibram
Thai: 100 kg C class 3x2 min Emil Piet vs Johannes Smith
Thai: -71kg C class 3x2 min Kion Hjørdie vs Marco Ernst

Thai: -81 kg C class 3x2 min Lukas Græker vs Frederik voss Broberg
Thai: -52 kg C class 3x2 min Patricia vs Angelique Hasse
Thai: -71 kg C class 3x2 min Sayed Hashimi vs Dawda Corr

*fight card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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