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Shamrock FC 319
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays
Cody Peterson VS Ray Grindstaff
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Jordan Mitchell VS Anthony Garrett
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Fight Card

Cody Peterson 11 Ray Grindstaff
Jordan Mitchell 10 Anthony Garrett
JW Kiser 9 Chris Beal
Nikolas Folken 8 Kevin Easterwood
Katelyn Radtka 7 Tabitha Trevino
Oscar Ahuatzi 6 Trevor Johnson
Aiden Silvey 5 Christian Martinek
Lainey Nations 4 Angelica Nicole
Mike Murray 3 Ralph Hernandez
Matt Manley 2 Josh Reed
Pete Keepers 1 Jimmie Hendrixx Jr

Poster and Selected Action

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