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Shamrock FC 324
Dustin Lampros vs Lloyd Thornton
Official Replay

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Dustin Lampros VS Lloyd Thornton
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Derik Scott VS Orell Fisher
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Fight Card

Dustin Lampros 10 Lloyd Thornton
Derik Scott 9 Orell Fisher
Kris Craig 8 LC Hammid
Sergio Robles 7 Alex Macias
Kory Beck 6 Konner Shewmaker
"The Scientist"  
Shaun Briggs 5 Wally Herndon
Jackson Henson 4 Marty Steffen
Jake Jenson 3 Josh Cochran
Nate Murray 2 Mike Baumann
Reco Hill 1 Alpha Bah


Fight Card:

Dustin Lampros vs Lloyd Thornton
Derik Scott vs Orell Fisher
Kris Craig vs LC Hammid
Brendan Raymer vs Nikk Willyard - kickboxing
Sergio Robles vs Alex Macias
Kory Beck vs Konner Shewmaker

Shaun Briggs vs Wally Herndon
Jackson Henson vs Marty Steffen
Adrienne Archey vs Johanna Carney
Jake Jenson vs Josh Cochran
Wayne Cretter vs Vince Garin - kickboxing
Nate Murray vs Tanner Garin
Reco Hill vs Alpha Bah

Poster and Selected Action

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