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Shamrock FC 333
Erion Zekthi vs Justin King
Official Replay

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Erion Zekthi VS Justin King
"The Albanian One"    
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Ian Zarvos VS Thomas Thatcher
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Fight Card

Erion Zekthi 11 Justin King
"The Albanian One"  
Ian Zarvos 10 Thomas Thatcher
David Evans 9 Joey Estrada
Jesse Martinelli 8 Jesus Villegas
Dustin Lampros 7 Sergio Robles
Jake Mattson 5 Zeke Spellazza
James Selzer 4 Nick McBride
Wayne Cretter 3 Jake Limon
Pat Grzywacz 2 Areon Ferguson
Bradley Emmett 1 Jose DeAvila-Diaz


Get ready for Shamrock FC 333 live on FITE on October 23rd. The fight card has well over 13 matches and have Erion Zekthi vs Justin King as main event of the evening. Who will come out on top?

*fight card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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