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SlapFight Championship
Official Replay

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White Simba VS Wolverine
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  29% Votes 71%  
Frank the Tank VS Darius
    "The Destroyer"
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  20% Votes 80%  

Fight Card

White Simba 6 Wolverine
Frank the Tank 5 Darius
  "The Destroyer"
Young James 4 Bayou Bastard
Black Lung 3 the Guardian
the Hulk 2 Aloha Samurai
Aloha Samurai 1 Demon


On May 6th, SlapFIGHT Championship returns with their 16th Underground Slap Fighting Event! Slappers from across the country will travel to an Undisclosed Location for a night of Extreme Competition in the Worlds Craziest Sport.

SlapFight Championship: Undisputed

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*fight card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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