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Subversiv 7
The Battle of the Brands
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On June 11th Subversiv is coming live on FITE!

Subversiv is the World's Biggest Jiu-Jitsu Team Tournament.

Subversiv is more than just a show it is an experience. It combines a variety of BJJ rule innovations, including limited time on the ground if there's no immediate submission, with mixed weight classes and one woman on each team.

The first team is already announced - it's team Checkmat. The members of team Checkmat are - first place SJJIF World Championship winner Gabriel Almeida in the 185lbs+ spot, 20-year-old phenom Jansen Gomes in the under 185lbs division and Tata Ribeiro in the open female division, widely known as one of the best women in the sport.

The host is the ju jitsu expert Will Pounder. The legendary combat sports commentator Robyn Black will serve as analyist and on the commentary will be Hector Lombard – a world champion in both MMA and Bareknuckle fighting – and Brandon McGarahan, the founder of PGF fighting league and an EBI commentator. The evening's special guest is legendary pro wrestler Rob Van Dam.

Watch as the world's top grapplers compete for one the coveted Subversiv Axe Belt, and huge purses. Tune in, order today and watch right here on FITE!

Team 10th Planet Kushlife +300
-185 Ryan Aitken
+185 Kyle Boehm
Female Elvira Karppinen

Team Atos Red Bowie -250
-185 Lucas Hulk Barbosa
+185 Kaynan Duarte
Female Rafaela Guedes

Team Checkmat NYX +225
-185 Jansen Gomez
+185 Elder Cruz
Female Nathalie Ribeiro

Team Fite +150
-185 Giancarlo Bodoni
+185 Vinicius Ferreira
Female Ffion Davies

Team Gamblers +350
-185 Oliver Taza
+185 Daniel Manasoiu
Female Brianna Ste-Marie

Team Gracie Barra +500
-185 Joshua Dawson
+185 Gabriel Machado
Female Jessica Flowers

Team Insane +350
-185 Jacob Rodriguez
+185 Nicky Rodriguez
Female Alex Enriquez

Team Legion Y+M +500
-185 Miha Perhavec
+185 Sloan Clymer
Female Paige Ivette

Division Breakdown and betting odds to win
(this is not the seeding) Odds subject to change
Brackets will be released June 6th

-185 Male
Lucas Barbosa +100
Giancarlo Bodoni +125
Jansen Gomez +145
Jacob Rodriguez +225
Ryan Aitken +250
Oliver Taza +300
Miha Perhavec +650
Joshua Dawson +800

+185 Male
Kaynan Duarte -+100
Nicky Rodriguez +125
Elder Cruz +150
Kyle Boehm +225
Vinicius Ferreira +275
Daniel Manasoiu +300
Gabriel Machado +500
Sloan Clymer +500

Rafaela Guedes +100
Ffion Davies +105
Brianna Ste-Marie +125
Elvira Karppinen +225
Nathalie Ribeiro +250
Jessica Flowers +300
Paige Ivette +350
Alex Enriquez +350

Super Fights

Black Belts
Ricardo Feliciano -350 vs Frank Ruiz +175
Omar Sabha -400 vs Pj Montano +200
Stephen Martinez -400 vs Breylor Grout +200
Xavier Silva -350 vs Josue Cuellar +175
Kevin Crane -250 vs Ty Freeman +145
Carlos Alves +100 vs Saeed Dunkaev -155
Brian Mendez -250 vs Leonidas Tarca +145
Drew Sklov -185 vs Uday Malhotra +130
Thiago Lemos -185 vs Noah Tillis +130
Bruno Valdivino -155 vs Juan adolfo Lopez -100
Thiago Angelon -185 vs Tony Lopez +130
Ron Henderson -155 vs Marcus Norat +100

Brown Belts
Anthony Aguilera -155 vs Rick Camarero +100
Drew Murillo -155 vs Damon Lee +100

Purple Belts
Erin Quillen -300 vs Lucy Campos +160
Brady Huang -185 vs Shawn Lomas +130

Blue Belts
Marty Gonzalez -250 vs Samy Mikhaiel +145
Ángel Meraz -300 vs Eric mateos +160
Thien luu-Nguyen 350 vs Jae Abrams +175

*fight card subject to change


  • April 20, 2022

    "Pillage, Plunder, Reign": It's a new future for grappling with the biggest team event ever for the sport; Subversiv 7 presents 8 teams in a 3x3 tournament going after a $30,000 grand prize; Catch all the action streaming LIVE on FITE June 11th from Los Angeles! Miami, Florida (April 20, 2022)--Subversiv will present Subversiv 7: The Battle of the Brands live on FITE June 11th from L.A.'s Commerce Casino. The Viking-style team grappling promotion is the largest of its kind, attracting the world's top talent. The promotion is brought to …

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