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The REX Files
A FITE Story
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"The Precision Tactician"


Rex Andrews' tale is without a doubt one of the most compelling stories told here on FITE.
Chosen to go to the Wrestle-1 Dojo in Japan and train in the art of Pro Wrestling in one of the toughest styles ever, Rex recorded some of the most memorable and interesting moments through this one of a kind journey.
Join the Reality of Wrestling superstar as he takes you through his daily routine - the life and training he had in Japan.
Truly a great story, told by an expert storyteller - Rex Andrews!


  • March 23, 2018

    Wrestling is a Universal Language Reality of Wrestling star Rex Andrews takes us on a pro wrestling journey of a lifetime as he spends 18 days living and training in Wrestle-1 dojo in Japan. During his tour in Japan Rex Andrews keeps a daily video blog on FITE sharing insight into what is going on behind the scenes of pro wrestling shows and what it's like to live and train in a Japanese pro wrestling company. The Chosen One Earlier this year Rex Andrews was announced winner of FITE and …

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  • February 6, 2018

    After the announcement of the BIG winner in the FITE and Wrestle-1 contest a few weeks ago the time has finally come – Rex Andrews from Reality of Wrestling has landed in Japan and is ready to take you on the wrestling adventure of a lifetime. His #RexFiles Vlog is already up on FITE and starts off by giving you the unique insight into what really goes behind the scenes of wrestling shows and how to make the audience go mad for your strikes. He is still in the early …

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  • January 15, 2018

    After months of scouting for the best Pro Wrestling talent, legendary wrestling manager Sonny Onoo and Booker T made a HUGE announcement at the Reality of Wrestling TV taping out of Texas this weekend. Addressing the crowd, Sonny Onoo announced that The Chosen One, the US representative that will go to the Wrestle-1 dojo in Japan and receive a special video feature on FITE, will be Rex Andrews from Reality of Wrestling. Rex Andrews will receive an opportunity of a lifetime to travel to Japan for a 3-week Wrestle-1 dojo. …

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