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Top Rank
Jason Moloney vs Leonardo Baez
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Jason Moloney VS Leonardo Baez
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5'5" Height 5'9"
Australia Country Mexico
  60% Votes 40%  
Avery Sparrow VS Abraham Nova
    "El Super"
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5'7" Height 5'9"
United States Country United States
  33% Votes 67%  

Fight Card

Jason Moloney 6 Leonardo Baez
Avery Sparrow 5 Abraham Nova
  "El Super"
Luis Porozo 4 Orlando Gonzalez
  "El Zurdo de Oro"
Reymond Yanong 3 Clay Burns
Vlad Panin 2 Benjamin Whitaker
Kingsley Ibeh 1 Waldo Cortes-Acosta
"The Black Lion"  


Time for Top Rank! This night Jason Moloney who knocked out three opponents in a row and has only one loss of 21 matches will face Leonardo Baez with total of 20 matches he has lost 2 of them and has won last six in a row.
Who will come out on top? Tune in on June 25th and find out!

* Fight Card subject to change

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