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Thomas Paull vs Alin Chirila
Official PPV Replay

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    Troxy London, London, United Kingdom
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* Available in the United States
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Thomas Paull vs Alin Chirila - 80kg - Super Title MMA
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Jake Watkins vs Pelu Adetola - LHW - MMA
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Sam Steward vs Faisal Malik - 66kg - MMA
Tom Stone vs Jahreau Shephard - 84kg - MMA
Thomas Murry vs Salih Kulucan - 61.5kg - MMA
Gary Ellison vs Erol Raif - 70kg - Ammy MMA
Mihai Balint vs Mantas Kondratavicius - 81kg - Ammy MMA​
Liem Jones vs Jack Collins - 70kg - Ammy MMA
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Maciek Romanek vs Isaac Segers - 70kg - Ammy MMA
George Caruna vs Nick Black - 61.5kg - Ammy MMA
Aqib Khan vs Jakub Kolterniak - 66kg - Ammy MMA
Oli Hooley vs Bartosz Kwiatkowski - 77kg - Ammy MMA

Poster and Selected Action

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