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Official PPV Live Stream

  • Bell Time
    Feb 9, 1PM ET/10AM PT
  • Genres
  • Channel
    UCMMA  -
  • Venue
    Troxy London, 490 Commercial Road, E1 0HX London, United Kingdom
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Jimmy Yardley vs Lee Spencer - MMA - Super title 70kg
Thomas Paull vs Alin Chirila - MMA - 77kg
Ben Earl vs Janos Csukas - LHW - ammy title
Sam Steward vs Faisal Malik - 66kg
Jack Scott vs Jay Shephard - 84kg
Wilson Pereira vs Harry Keane - 61.5kg
Leo James vs Tommy Kelly - K1 - 84kg
Ashley Beedeen vs Dru Oakes - 73kg Ammy MMA
Maciej Romanek vs Isaac Segers - 70kg Ammy MMA
George Caruana vs Nick Black - 61.5kg Ammy MMA
Oli Hooley vs Bartosz Kwiatkowski - 76kg Ammy MMA


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