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Wimp 2 Warrior Calgary Round 2, Final
Official PPV Replay

* Available in United States
* Included unlimited replays


Don't miss Wimp 2 Warrior Calgary Round 2, Final live on FITE!

Bout 18 Ryan "Action" Jackson vs Nicu Baranga
Bout 17 Arthur "Lethal" Li vs Michael Simmins
Bout 16 Tim "Never Ever" Dunn vs Charlie Lamb
Bout 15 "Rowdy" Rissa Jones vs Meghan MacLean
Bout 14 Peter "The Punisher" Dominic vs Mitch Wicklund
Bout 13 Clay "The Hit Man" Hicks vs David Burns
Bout 12 Dan "The Man" Janzen vs Mark "Gates of Hell"
Bout 11 Dennis "The Menace" Richters vs Jason Prior
Bout 10 Vijud "Wolf Monkey" Lincoln vs Johnny "J Money" Sejdini


Bout 9 "The Nature Boy" Nick Debrey vs Darcy Werkman
Bout 8 John "The Professor" Xie vs Raymond Wang
Bout 7 Katherine "The Valkyrie" Willi vs Carla Cummings
Bout 6 "Vicious" Vishal Babla vs Chad Johanson
Bout 5 Kaleb "Da Soulja" Wiebe vs Lucas Wang
Bout 4 "The Strong" Guy Kelly vs Mike "Voltron" Valdman
Bout 3 Cliff "First Nation Sensation" Sparvier vs Bryan Gates
Bout 2 Jason "The Hammer" Harbour vs Adnan Bawa
Bout 1 Noah "The Gladiator" Locke vs Hamza Isse

Poster and Selected Action

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