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Warriors Cup 40
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Fight Card:

18 Greg Sanzo vs John Pina
17 Luis R. Morales vs Frank M. Wells
16 Tyrese Cunningham vs Max Rosario
15 Brett Pastore vs Jordan McFarland
14 Alma Vicecio vs Yasmeen Salhani
13 Marcelo Ahmed vs Steven Lobiondo
12 Leo Castro vs Jo - Henry Lim
11 Rose Corrado vs NicoleI RichiusaI
10 Jack Schwoer vs Mikhail Castillo
9 Morey Williams vs Stephanie Walmet
8 Heather Squire vs Brianna Le Faucheur
7 James Kovarik vs Ka-Po Lam
6 Pawel Filipkowski vs Diego Poma
5 Nicholas Cavaiulo vs TBA
4 Brandon Dreher vs Malik Peterson
3 Fabian Cruz vs Paolo Turano
2 Sean Chung vs Toby Otorubio
1 Belen Bode vs Mary Grace Haugen

Poster and Selected Action

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