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Road to Destiny
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MMA Fights:
Matthew Clempner vs Piotr Chmielecki (World Title Fight)
Vincent Petersson vs Emile Vujakovic (Title Fight)
Michell Richards vs Alex Arish
Jack HIlton vs Robbie Bridge
Ant Davis vs Leigh Boom Cohoon
James Close vs Junnaid Artur
Abdeed Rahman vs Louis Adams
Oli Stokes vs Benny Baldini

K1 Fights:
David Round vs Avi Jack
Cem Deniz vs Dean Garnett (European Title Bout)
Anthon Bassey vs Vahid Hoseinpour
Peter Nwabuokei vs Damo Jenkins
Stevie Guest vs Daniel Curran

Boxing Fights:
Simon Cheyen vs Simon Cohoon
Osman Shaf vs Mo Safi
Aaron Foster vs Tegan McGough
Jimmy Taiwo vs Lucas Tinker

Commentators: Erix Uresk vs Jamie Hay

Poster and Selected Action

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