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    Bryan Glazer Family JCC, Tampa, FL, United States
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Main Event
WCFL 155 Title
Ben Zapata 3-1 Gracie Tampa South vs Eric Ortiz 2-1 Highlander mma

CoMain Event
WCFL 170 Title
Kyle Koziel 3-1 Gracie Tampa vs Tyger Bracewell 3-2 Empire mma

WCFL 145 Title
Brandon Allen 5-1 Gracie Clearwater vs Fidel Paulino 3-2 The Training Yard

WCFL 135 Title
Matt Allison 4-2 Gracie Tampa South vs Edgar Delgado 4-3 ATT Tampa

WCFL 125 Title
Nico Stutely 2-4 Hellman's mma vs Jake Spray 3-1 Highlander mma

WCFL 115 Title
Rebekah Maxwell 3-3 RT martial arts vs Chi Sheibley 6-4 ATT Tampa

155 fight Chris Pohorence 4-3 Bang Muay Thai vs Jarred Hardinger 1-1 EMK
135 Fight Claudia Zamora 3-1 Freedom mma vs Nadeia Thiel 3-2 ATT Tampa
170 Fight Brandon Lopez 2-0 Hellman's mma vs Obi Okonkwo 4-0
165 Fight Brian Acosta 0-1 Tigers World vs Joey Caruso 1-2 Nova Union
115 Fight Payton Becki 1-0 Scorpion Fighting System vs Jordyn Orgera 1-2 ATT Tampa
140 Fight Adam Amado 1-0 Def War vs Elijah Alejandro 1-1 Nova Union
185 Fight Fransisco Olguin 1-1 vs Luis Deleon 0-1 New Team Trauma
205 Fight David Torres 2-2 Ybor City BJJ vs Daniel Ibarra 0-1 KOH

Poster and Selected Action

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