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November 17, 2022

GCW Aura Hot Take

Aura, definition of: "the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place."

GCW, definition of: "Expanding and exploding the art of professional wrestling through the acts of rich technicolor violence and limitless artistry inside and beyond the ring."

Game Changer Wrestling has landed on FITE+ and the world will never, ever be the same again, for now every FITE+ subscriber has access to an entire library of infinite insanity and creativity as can only be witnessed in the skewed world of Game Changer Wrestling. What could be better than that? Well, you already know. It's that going forward, every GCW event will be available, live as they happen, in all of its gory glory, hallelujah.

Following the Nick Gage Invitational tournament that saw John Wayne Murdoch emerge not unscathed but victorious nonetheless, Game Changer Wrestling and its relentlessly talented, envelope pushing combat artists head to Providence, Rhode Island and Fete Music for another evening of boundless professional wrestling as only GCW can provide.

For GCW is something unique, even in the upside down world of professional wrestling where anarchy reigns and violence is celebrated as the norm. No, this is a place where the most visceral criminal acts stand alongside some of the most beautiful in-ring finesse one can envision. This is a place where blank slates are conjured into vibrant, permanent memories that raise like scars in the psyche of all those who compete and those witness this incredible spectacle that can only be described as Game Changing.

It is only fitting that the charge by GCW into Providence this Sunday on FITE+ is led by the legendary Nick Gage. The master of the Murder Death Kill crew has already overseen some of the most out of control violence imaginable this year at the NGI tournament and now barges into Fete Music looking to create his own symphony of destruction.

Of course, GCW is about pushing the envelope of every style of professional wrestling and this Sunday, two athletes who have made that act the cornerstone of their lives will clash inside a GCW ring for only the second time in history - The Octopus Jonathan Gresham vs. Speedball Mike Bailey.

While it was former ROH Champion Jonathan Gresham who was victorious last month at GCW Moment of Clarity, that doesn't necessarily mean history will repeat itself in Rhode Island. After all, Speedball Mike Bailey is a competitor who is able to accomplish the unthinkable athletically, meshing a karate infused array of offensive maneuvers with his cat-like aerial speed and timing to dazzle and destroy hapless opponents. Indeed, he may be one of the most frustrating competitors to be matched against if you are a professional wrestler not already performing on the level of peak perfection.

Unfortunately for Bailey, Gresham IS that performer and has already defeated the former X-Division Champion. The world traveled Gresham may be the modern day equivalent of Dean Malenko, someone who is the ultimate chess player, wrestling three moves ahead of everyone else in the ring in pursuit of the perfect submission or pinfall combination. If there have ever been two wrestlers so great at what they do, they may negate the other to the point that the first error could spell victory or defeat, it's Gresham vs. Bailey II on FITE+ this Sunday!

Aura, definition of: "A supposed emanation surrounding the body of a living creature and regarded as an essential part of the individual."

Of course, Masha Slamovich vs. Maki Itoh will provide something completely unique and different from Gresham vs. Bailey: pure mayhem. In some promotions, women may be presented as the fairer sex, but not in GCW, where the progressive mindset allows everyone to go to war on equal battlefields, setting the stage for two of the most talented, violent fighters anywhere in the world to shock and awe everyone witnessing this spectacle of madness on FITE+.

In this first-time ever dream match, The Russian Dynamo Slamovich, who has wrecked countless opponents over the last several years, may have indeed met her match in The Fired Idol, Itoh. Both women are unabashedly arrogant, because they have carved their own path in the world of professional wrestling, bringing boundless acts of violence and brawling to their matches. While Masha brings an unrelenting aggressive sense of power to the ring, Itoh takes the firefight to her opponent in vulgar, harsh terms. If these two women are equal in any sense, it's that they each love the act of committing violence and if it were not for the fact that they will be committing assault on the other in pursuit of victory, they indeed may have found a kindred spirit in the other. Instead, they'll be sparking an Aura of all out madness this Sunday on FITE+. If you just want to watch a good old brawl, these women will be proving they are the best in the world at that patented chaos this weekend.

GCW is also the land where stars are made, lighting rockets that not only light the night sky but change the very course of professional wrestling itself. At GCW Aura this Sunday, a rivalry that begins in Rhode Island in The Prize Alex Price vs. Nick Wayne could carve the first of many historic chapters before the FITE+ audience's eyes. Nick Wayne, the 17-year old phenom from Portland, Oregon has already shocked and impressed some of the most critical of observers with his incredible in-ring skills. This third-generation talent is seeking to defeat The Prize Alec Price for the first time in singles competition under the Game Changer Wrestling banner. Price, who carries a unique, intense charisma that comes with growing up fighting on the mean streets of Boston, has a never-ending sneer and is always prepared to fight. He's a scrapper who has worked hard to distinguish himself in GCW and a big victory over someone he sees as the golden child would do well to boost his stature and ego. To accomplish that, he'll have to outwit one of the most versatile rising stars in all of professional wrestling. This first chapter will be written in bruises, blood and bedlam, live on FITE+.

If there's one fighter who knows all about causing bedlam in the world of GCW over the last year, it's been Matt Cardona, who has mocked and snubbed every convention in the world of professional wrestling and then, even in a place like GCW, which regularly piledrives all expectations on their heads, Cardona has spit in the face of all that even Game Changer Wrestling holds dear. This Sunday, Matt Cardona will face Jordan Oliver, who spent the last year forging himself into a fully realized, well-rounded fighter willing to take on all comers. For Oliver, facing the grizzled veteran Cardona is one of the biggest challenges he will undertake in GCW to date and if he's able to vanquish the "Death Match God", it's a one-way ticket to immortality within GCW. For Cardona, Oliver is just another obstacle to overcome and destroy in his latest attempts to smear and blaspheme all things GCW.

Without a shadow of a doubt, The Second Gear Crew vs. John Wayne Murdoch & Dark Sheik & Sawyer Wreck will bring the warfare this Sunday on FITE+. Murdoch, hot off his Nick Gage Invitational Tournament victory last weekend, will be looking to maintain his momentum and bring as much calamity and intensity to the ring as possible. The Second Gear Crew are always scrapping for a fight and are ready to throw down inside and beyond the arena.

Effy, Mance Warner & Matthew Justice are always down for a fight and Murdoch, Dark Sheik and Sawyer Wreck are out to prove themselves one more time. The crimson may indeed flow.

After neither member of Los Macizos were triumphant in the Nick Gage Invitational, they are looking to take some frustrations out inside the ring. This Sunday Miedo Extremo & Ciclope will battle Waves & Curls, a team that have already proven their worth in Northeast Wrestling and Wrestling Open, among other promotions in the Northeast. But, GCW is no ordinary wrestling promotion and for Jaylen Brandyn and Traevon Jordan, they are going to have to battle and fight with all they can muster to try and turn back the sheer fury and anger of Los Macizos. If they can stand tall against them, even in a loss, surely the GCW faithful in attendance at Aura will show respect after their first appearance since this past June. Los Macizos will attack without mercy and violently use anything they can get their hands on, so Waves and Curls will need to be on high alert if they hope to survive this encounter Sunday evening on FITE+.

GCW Aura rounds out its announced lineup with a very unique four-way attraction featuring Tony Deppen vs. Ninja Mack vs. Blake Christian vs. Leon Slater, as some of the most talented, stratosphere shattering high flyers and gifted grapplers take to the ring in their attempt to achieve victory. Leon Slater, making his GCW debut, has boasted he is "The Youngest in Charge" but he'll have to prove himself against a collection of pro wrestling wizards this Sunday. Ninja Mack has gained great experience since joining the roster of Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan and pulls off some truly death-defying aerial assaults. Blake Christian continues to dazzle as one of the most shockingly gifted competitors in the world. Tony Deppen is always looking for a fight and another mouth to punch. This unique collection of brilliant wrestlers in the same right at the same time is guaranteed to provide some combustible chemistry.

GCW shines brightest when the tap on its creativity flows freely and this Sunday on FITE+, GCW Aura guarantees to blind all doubters when the bell rings and chaos reigns supreme!

Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.